Saturday, May 19, 2012

Old dog/New Tricks?

Am I Too Old To Start Over?
I've had an opportunity arise and now I'm in kind of a dilemma.

At 63, I'm semi-retired, which means I'm still working part-time while collecting my social security.  I can only make so much on the side, or God forbid, I have to pay it back.  I will one day, in the not-too-distant future, have to stop with my part-time work since it is taxing on my body.  So my thoughts have been....what else could I do to supplement my social security?

Two weeks ago, when I was "helping" my daughters at their craft show, my future son-in-law pointed out a food vendor's trailer that was for sale.  You know, one of those little trailers that you see at the fairs and carnivals that sell the delicious, fattening, greasy "fair food".  I've often thought that this would be a cool way to make money.  Traveling to different towns and meeting lots of people...and making money.  I never looked into it because, to tell the truth, I was never in a position where I could do something like that.

But now I am. 

The Wrap Shack is now!
So we looked at it.  Nice, bright, clean, lots of customers, and a big box truck to haul it.  (I kind of wished it would have been crappy cause then I would have just forgotten about it)  Two men own it, one of them older than me, is retiring.  The box truck has 2 refrigerators, a freezer and tons of storage.  It's the perfect set-up.  So I took his business card.

Now I know nothing about the food vendor business.  But I believe I am smart enough to learn it.  I talked to another vendor, an older woman who drives school bus during the winter months.  She loves the life of a vendor.  And she makes lots of money.  So much in fact, that she bought a 2nd trailer.  Each trailer has its own route.  She told me some things to ask and some things to be aware of.  She also gave me her card so I could call her with questions. 

So now, 2 weeks later, I'm still tossing this idea around in my head.  Can I or can't I?  Should I or shouldn't I?  Does his route come with the sale?  Why isn't he just getting another partner?  (Maybe I could be that other partner?)  How does he know how much stock to have?  Does he make a decent living?  How old do the helpers have to be? (My 2 grandsons would love helping out on the weekends)  What kind of license would I need?  But even if all his answers just verify that I can do this...there is still one major problem.

Maggie.  My baby.  My 6 yr. old Golden Retriever. 

There's no way that I would be happy or comfortable boarding her every weekend or even every other weekend.  And I can't ask my kids to commit to that much time watching her either.  So are dogs allowed to go along?  As long as they stay out of the food area?  Sure, I could chain her to the trailer, but what about 85-90 degree days? 

But then the woman who owns her doggy day care said that I could get one of those canvas thingy's you put up to block the sun.  She also pointed out that Maggie would be the star of the show and would be constantly petted and ooo-ed and ahh-ed over.

So today I'm calling him with all my questions.  And then I'll think some more.  Making this kind of change at this time in my life is scary.  Especially since I'm on my own.  One daughter was urging me to try.  Another thought I was too old and this was too iffy.  I haven't even mentioned it to my other 2 children.

So can an old dog learn new tricks?  What do you think?

Down The Darkest Road by Tami Hoag:
This was a really, really good read.  I'm going to copy the review I read on this book because they said it so much better than I could......"Down the Darkest Road is eerie, suspenseful, tragic and thought-provoking. If you've read Hoag before, that's exactly what you'd expect. You'd also look forward to her signature plot surprises. But where Hoag is concerned, I think of them more as … sneak attacks."

A teenager goes missing and after 2 years her mother still can't let it go.  The man suspected of the abduction is free and the grieving mother is relentless in her pursuit of any information she can get on the whereabouts of her oldest daughter, at the expense of her youngest. 

It started a little slower than I was expecting and I almost, almost, stopped reading.  But I am so glad I didn't.  It picked up and I really began to care about all the characters.  I highly recommend this to all you suspence readers out there.

Quotes of the Day:
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~ Dr. Seuss

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone. ~ Jim Fiebig

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. ~ Betty Friedan


raymond alexander kukkee said...

Go for it! Why not? Life is too short NOT to try something you would like to do! Maybe the guy needs a good partner. Try that angle, he's got the experience already and could retire out of it after you get used to handling it. Good luck!

Karen said...

Thanks for the support, Raymond! I've always been one who hears a different drummer and this is certainly a different one. And I've always loved the atmosphere of a good fair. Leaning toward making a try at it. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Karen said...

Updated to add I now have one daughter interested in going into this with me and another considering it. So a family affair!

Karen Lynne said...

so where did my comment go...this thing can annoy me.

Karen said...

I got the 'annoyed' one...sorry Karen.

Robin said...

my opinion....scary thing to do on your own....but hearing that one or more of the girls are willing to do it with you, then why not? As long as you can "afford" it if it doesn't work out.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Robin. How's the vacation going? Yea, this is something I couldn't do alone. I would need a partner. I'll know more by the end of the week. If it all goes well, its a fun way to supplement my social security. Thanks for your opinion. And enjoy your time in Michigan!