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Just a Bit of Personal Info About Me
I am 65 yrs. old and semi-retired, which means that I am really enjoying having more hours to myself while still bringing in extra money doing a job that I love.  I help people with disabilities so that they can continue to live in their own homes. 

Over the years I've been a telephone operator (back when you would dial...yes dial...O and a voice would say "Operator, may I help you?), a waitress (several times), a factory worker, a car detailer, and a bartender.  I've also made costumes and masks for Halloween...that was a fun job.

And now I can add "carny" to my list of jobs.  My son-in-law and I are working the festivals and craft shows and the fairs with our food concession stand.  Yep, we sell the good old "fair food".  I can see fun times in our future.

My kids - 2008

I have a large family that consists of 4 grown children, 4 grown foster children (not still foster - part of the family), 7 grandchildren, 9 foster grandchildren, 1 great grandson and 4 foster great grandkids.  Holidays are a hoot at our house.

Though divorced, I have 2 roommates, my dependent and loyal Golden Retriever, Maggie, and the "queen" of the house, my cat, Sweet Pea.   

After going through some difficulties throughout the years, I am now very content with my life.  I love writing, will always be in the middle of a good book, and am hooked on Big Fish Games (IHOGS which are interactive hidden object adventure games).  I wake my old gray cells up each morning with crossword puzzles or Sudoku or cryptograms.

My favorite foods go from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I love Big Boys and their onion rings and then will stuff myself on crab legs (with a lobster tail thrown in about once a year).

My kids call me "dingy" but I just think I have a problem with controlling what comes out of my mouth :)
I tend to speak before I think which leads to a lot of razing from my family.  So I've learned to laugh at myself and it feels so much better than being embarrassed.  I've lost my car in the parking lot more times than I'd like to admit to and have had to buy a special door key for my car for when I've locked my keys inside.

My Dream
My ultimate dream is to become a published author.  I've written a novel that I'm am trying to find an agent for and have started a new story.  This one will hopefully become my 2nd novel.  Lots of work involved and working on character sketches now.  I will post my progress as I move along with it. 

My Blog
baglady's journal is nothing more than my personal observations and thoughts and random bits of information.  One day I may blog about my writing, another day about my pet peeves, and then I may talk about my many kids.  Whatever is on my mind at the time is what I blog about.  So far I don't have a set schedule for putting up my posts.  One week I may post 4 times and another week maybe only once.  It depends on what's going on in my life at the time.  Since I'm fairly new to blogging I really do hope to get on a regular schedule so my followers will know when to expect something mind-blogging from me...okay, that was a joke.  My posts may be humorous, informative or very serious.  So please keep coming back if you're enjoying my random thoughts and feelings and I promise to try to keep you interested.

Maggie and Sweet Pea
 My Strongest Opinions
For 13 years I took care of someone else's children. As a foster mother I saw first-hand what parents are capable of. Children who were beaten, ignored, left by the side of the road, afraid of taking a bath, living on food from restaurant trash bins...and I could go on and on. But foster homes were the ones that got the bad rep. Ironic, huh? So I made sure that when those children came into our home, they were a part of our family and loved for the time they were with us.

I am also an animal lover. All my life I've had animals of some sort living with me. Birds, cats, dogs, fish and even a ferret at one time. So when I see an animal abused or neglected I take it personally. Abuse of any kind, person or animal is something I have strong opinions of.

Prejudice is another area that I have strong opinions about. Whether its prejudice against a different race, gays, the disabled, whatever, I will speak my mind and stand up for those who are unable for any reason to stand up for themselves.

When I care and believe strongly about something I can be very vocal. I don't follow the norm or worry about what others may think. You know the old saying about following the beat of a different drummer? Well, that's me.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me by posting a comment or emailing me at baglady159@aol.com.  I look forward to hearing from you either way.

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