Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pros and Cons of Living Alone

Super Bowl:
I'm not a big football fan (gasp!) but I would have watched the Super Bowl if the Packers would have been playing cause its my grandson's favorite team. 
I did tape the game though, but not for reasons you might think.  I did it so I could fast forward through the game and watch the commercials. I love the commercials! 
I think, though, that the Dorito one with the Great Dane would have played a little differently in my house.  It would have been my cat burying my dog.  She is, after all, the diva in the house.    
And David Beckham...well...ahhh...what can I say.  Even at my age, that was...ummm...nice to look at.  ;)
And the guys getting caught on the plane playing Words With Friends....so funny.  You started something Alec Baldwin.
But I have to say, the ad that got my attention and held it, and in my opinion was at the top, was the Chrysler commercial with Clint Eastwood.  Very well done! Welcome back Detroit!

Living Alone:
Let's see...I was married for 19 years, then I was in a 7 yr. relationship that was such a bad thing (Jan 21st blog) and now I live alone. I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to get married again. I like the freedom that being single gives me. I feel independent, proud of my accomplishments and it just so happens that I like my own company.   But there are some things I miss about a relationship.  So here is another of my pro and con lists (Jan 27)...living alone at 63:

Pro:  I can come and go as I please.
Con:  No one misses me when I'm gone.
Pro:  There's no more arguments about anything!
Con:  There's no one to talk to.
Pro:  No one can tell me how to spend my money.
Con:  Now I have to live on a single income.
Pro:  I've found I'm very capable of doing a lot of things I didn't used to do :)
Con:  I have to mow my own lawn :(
Pro:   I can watch whatever I want on TV.
Con:  Now I'm commenting about what I'm watching to my dog. (but at least she listens :)

What I'm Reading:
I've added a gadget on the side to profile what I'm reading now.  And I have a few words to say about this particular one...."11/22/63" by Stephen King.
I love to read Stephen King, mainly because I enjoy seeing where his mind has gone in his newest story.  He has a brilliant mind for writing.  Though his stories may not be for everyone, he is one of the best writers I've ever read...and I'll tell you why I feel this way.
Years ago I read It when it first came out and though the story was a little "different" than what I was used to reading, that book has stuck in my mind all these years.  Well, not really the book, or the story even, but the characters.  He wrote those characters in such a way that I have never forgotten them. 
The boy with asthma, who used his inhaler whenever he was afraid, and was ridiculed for it and the boy who was bullied because he was overweight, just to name a couple.  
Each young boy in the story had something about him that stood out.  King wrote these characters with such personality and added all the little idiosyncrasies that made them memorable. 
I decided then that I wanted to be able to write characters like that.  Characters that would stand out in my stories, that people would remember and connect with for a long time.
When the novel, The Help, was first released, I was enthralled with the characters.  This was before it became a big Hollywood hit and got tons of publicity as a movie.  The author of The Help did the same thing as King did in It.  The characters were memorable, ones that will stay in my mind for a long time.
All novels should have characters that come alive as these two do.

Quotes of the Day:
My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself.   ~ birdhouse@funnyoneliners

Living alone makes it harder to find someone to blame.   ~ Mason Cooley

Getting married is a lot like getting into a tub of hot water. After you get used to it, it ain't so hot.  - Minnie Pearl

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