Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Odds and Ends

I want to give a shout out and a big WELCOME to my new followers!  Thank you for visiting and I hope I can add something to your day.  This blog has technically been up since 2009, but I did one post and then forgot about it.  This past December I decided to give it more of a chance and see what would come of it.  So actually this blog is only one month old...give or take  :)  And this time I'm here to stay.

Just My Opinion:
I am so disillusioned by all the recent ads and interviews connected with the primaries.  To think that we could elect a President because he has tons of money or is better at bashing his opponent just isn't sitting well with me. 
I'm a Republican (and of course I respect your right to be Democrat :) but this year leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I won't lower myself to say what I'm really thinking about each of the opponents (including Obama ;) though, God help me, I'd love to. 
In fact I'm usually the one who is normally right up there giving my opinion on any number of different subjects.  But when it comes to religion, politics and recently the Cooper Tire lock-out, I am really struggling to reign myself in.  Those are all touchy subjects (especially in my family) and people's opinions on these subjects are usually very strong and no matter what you say, you will never change their mind.  So my opinions will stay silent.
That being said...candidates...get your heads out of your asses and tell us what you can do to bring America back to where we used to be or at least to a place where people are back to work, my social security isn't in jeopardy, health insurance is available for all, and our deficit is on its way down.  Stop telling me what the "other guy" can't do or won't do or what he did 10 years ago that was so wrong.  What are you going to do?
I'm just glad I'm not voting yet.  Can I hope something changes before they reach Ohio?  Yes.  Do I think it will?  Not likely.
If you have opinions, please feel free to comment.  I love reading your comments!
Okay, I'm done ranting.  Now on to other things.

Really Stumped on This One:

Cool color!
 Going to make this a short story: My grandson fell on his elbow. He's only 8. He was in a lot of pain. Went to the doc and he sent him to the hospital to get an x-ray. Hospital calls doc and then he talks on the phone to my daughter. It's broken. Do they put a cast on it? No. They will call an orthopedic place across town and see if they can get him in today. What??  And if they can't?? Does he hold it against his body for a day and sleep with a broken arm? In pain? Luckily for him they could get him in that afternoon. Poor kid. Suffered for several more hours with only Tylenol. But now he's fine and no more pain.  See the cute kid to the right?  Yep, my grandson. (said with
I haven't had to deal with kids broken bones for a long time, but is this
standard procedure now?  Do they not take care of these things in the
All smiles finally!
hospital asap?  Just wondering.

Online Dating:
I have recently been following a blog titled  This blog has absolutely nothing to do with writing but everything to do with humor.  Its the hilarious happenings of a young girl and her grandma as they travel the profiles of online dating.  Really worth a look if you want your laugh for the day. 
Which reminds me....I tried the online dating thing.  In my small town of app. 40,000 people, pickins' are slim.  Especially at my age.  Online dating was going to open all that up for me. 
Anyway this is about my first online date.  I had emailed for several weeks with a nice man from Columbus.  He seemed to think like me, was interested in some of the same things.  So we decided to meet in my town.  My kids weren't so keen on the idea.  My daughter, Lisa, wanted to know where we were going to meet.  "Why? Are you planning to show up?"  "No, I just want to know where to tell the police you were last seen."  Anyway........
We met at a very popular Mexican place that looks dingy and run-down on the outside but has the most fabulous food and is standing room only on the weekends.  When he walked through the door, his nose was already in the air.  Hmmm...too good for this place?  Bad sign.  For him, not me.  I love the place. 
Then we started eating and who should show up and be waiting in line at the door?  My daughter, Michelle, and her husband, and my son, Steve and his wife, Sara.  As they walked by our table, they said, "Oh we're not here to check on you.  We just wanted to eat."  Chuckle, chuckle.  That was me.  He wasn't even amused a tiny bit.  And that's all it took. 
If he couldn't find humor in the fact that my kids were worried enough about me that they'd come and check on me, then he wasn't even on my "maybe" list.  Needless to say, dinner, coffee, see ya.
They didn't like him anyway.  Serves him right.
And by the way, too many bad experiences so not online dating anymore.

I've decided I'm going to do a preview of what's coming.  That way, if you're interested, you can be sure to stop back.  So this is the preview of the next couple of posts:
I have something I want to talk about concerning parents.  Specifically parents who don't know how to be, or don't care about being, parents. 
I also have an old manuscript that wasn't able to make it in the big world of publishing.  I know now its not good enough but is it a story that still needs to be told?
And...I have another recipe that feeds a ton of kids.  That was the only way I could cook when they were all home.  Its the "stretch potatoes" my daughter likes.

Quotes of the Day:
How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America? ~Author Unknown

Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least. ~Robert Byrne

Online dating is just as murky and full of lemons as finding a used car in the classifieds. Once you learn the lingo, it's easier to spot the models with high mileage and no warranty.      Laurie Perry

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