Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Will I Ever Learn?

1st Stupid Thing:
I've done a few stupid things this week. Shouldn't surprise me though.  I do something stupid every week, sometimes every day.  And that's why I've learned to laugh at myself.  (No, I didn't lose my car again.  My new yellow SUV sticks out real nice in any parking    

But Tuesday I went for a haircut at the same place I've gone for almost 2 years.  It's a discount place that I started going to when my regular place started charging $30 for a cut.  I have a hard time paying that much for a couple reasons.  One - my cut is simple and just needs trimmed every 5-6 weeks.  No big deal.  And two - do I need to mention again my limited  This place only charges $11.  So far I've never had a problem.  No appointments, walk-in only, wait your turn, whoever is free when its your turn does your hair.  That should have been my first clue that maybe it won't be perfect every time.  But like I said, I've never had a problem.

Until Tuesday. 

So I only want a trim...1/2 an inch.  And scissor cut the bangs so they look feathered.  But she seemed to think she knew better than me what would look good.  So first she takes off more than an inch and now my hair is shorter than ever.  By the time I realize how short it's getting, it's too late.  So next comes the bangs...she says she's going to use the razor on them so they aren't so blunt.  What?  Too late!  She's already started and my bangs are now all different lengths!  Is this some new kind of cut?  Or some more modern cut?  I'm 63...I don't want modern or new...I want my old bangs!

So I'm upset.  I pay and go home...and look in the mirror.  Up close.  With my reading glasses on.  And now I'm more than upset.  I'm pissed!  I wash it.  Try to style it.  Say more than a few choice words.  Try to calm down.  It'll grow back.  Next morning I look in the mirror.  Pissed all over again.  More choice words.  Now I realize I'm not going to get un-pissed until I can complain to someone.  So I go back and ask for a manager.  The girl who cut it isn't working today...she can count herself lucky cause this normally nice, sweet grandma is still pissed. 

The manager is sorry and I get a coupon for a free haircut.  Hmmm, okay, free is nice.  I may go one more time.  But I know what she looks like and she isn't coming close to me with scissors or a razor again!  

So who's fault will it be next time.  Yep, you guessed it.  Mine.

2nd Stupid Thing:
I like the globe I have on my blog.  I like that it shows me where everyone that visits is from.  But visiting a friend's blog, I decided I liked her globe better than mine...her's was bigger and showed the name of the country each visitor was from.  Wow, this way I won't have to pull up a map to figure out which country or state is reading my blog.  I'm not very good with geography.  So I took mine off and put the bigger one on.

Oops!  Too big.  Sticking clear outside the box.  Going to get the smaller one back.  Only guess what?  All my red dots are gone!  Every last one of them.  Every visitor I had, from every state and country are gone. 

Stupid me.  I didn't think about that happening.  And I didn't even notice the "Preview" button at the top.  I could have viewed it before I saved it. 

So I'm trying to be positive and hoping all my viewers will come back so I can get their little red dots on my globe again.  I sure liked looking at all those. 

Just Plain Funny Quotes:
Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.
~ Unknown

If things get any worse, I’ll have to ask you to stop helping me. ~ Unknown

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list. ~ Unknown


Karen Lynne said...

So sorry about your dots! I'll try to get you one from New Orleans.

I have finally taken a break from the drive by hair cutters. Have done it for years mostly because I hate appointments. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is HORRID.

Sure do understand about the price..I hardly have any hair and $30 for trimming the ends really hurts. What few hairs I have, grow really fast....hope yours do too!

Karen said...

Haha! Thanks, looking forward to the visitor dots coming back. And they will eventually. Just like my hair will grow, but the bangs will need several trims before they're all the same length again. What was she thinking just deciding that's what I needed? Never again!