Thursday, January 19, 2012


Some Observations
I started this blog to keep track of my writing and maybe connect with other writers trying to break into publishing.  But what has happened has been a lot of observations and thoughts that I felt I wanted to talk about.  But I haven't forgotten my main objective.  So, with that said, just a few words about my writing.  I've decided to let my recent manuscript stand as it is and continue to try to find a publisher.  But I am also making extensive notes on my newest story about Charlie (he was mentioned in an earlier post).  When I received my latest rejection, like others I've received, it made me feel, well, like I had to keep trying harder.   Find the right agent, make sure my query letter was the best I could do, make sure my synopsis was up to standards.  But then I had to do one more thing.  I had to remind myself that getting into the publishing world is not an easy task.  Especially now with so many books being self-published online.  I have a list of other writers that have also tried, and though I would never put my writing in the same category as theirs, it always gives me hope that maybe I can still succeed at this business.  It's a dream I would like to see come to fruition...sort of like a bucket list, but even more.  I would be so contented for the rest of my life just sitting at the computer, or using a legal pad, all day long to get all the stories that are in my head down on paper.  So here is the list that keeps me going:
Famous Author Rejections:
John Grisham's first novel was rejected 25 times.
Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) received 134 rejections.
Beatrix Potter had so much trouble publishing The Tale of Peter Rabbit, she initially had to publish it herself.
Gertrude Stein spent 22 years submitting before getting a single poem published.
Judy Blume, beloved by children everywhere, received rejections for 2 straight years.
Stephen King received dozens of rejections for Carrie before it was published.

And there you have it.  My boost to keep trying.  Plus...and very important to me, is the review I received from a dear friend of mine, Robin Styers.  She chose, on her own, to read my complete novel from a writers site that I had posted it too, and throughout her reading, continued to let me know how much she loved the story.  Her words have kept me writing and trying, so thank you Robin.

 Just Some Thoughts

Trace worn out
 I've been playing Word Feud on my phone.  Most of my family plays now and we like it better than Words With Friends.  We're all getting pretty good at it, even my 8 yr. old grandson, Trace.  He's learned a lot of new words and even beats the rest of us some times.  It's good for his vocabulary.  But did you know that Qi is a word?  Or Qat?  I'm 63 yrs old and never knew those words existed. 

I've started doing something that my daughters have encouraged me to do for a while.  I love to eat out occasionally but there's not always someone to go with when I want to go so I finally decided to do as my daughters are doing and just go by myself.  Now you have to understand that eating out alone was something that made me a little nervous.  But one day I just grabbed my book and my book holder (a little metal folding rack that holds my book up and the pages back so I can read hands-free) and I went to the Chinese buffet (name?) and had a relaxing time enjoying good food and a good book and I wasn't the only one eating alone.  So the next week I did it again at Golden Corral.  Another good, relaxing time.  Why was I so uncomfortable eating alone?  This was great!  The following week I let myself be waited on at Red Lobster for lunch.  Yummmm!  So now my fear of eating alone is over and I will continue to treat myself to a relaxing lunch-maybe once a week.  Its called "learning how to take care of myself".

Have a few little letters to share...found these online and they cracked me up.

Dear Icebergs,
Sorry to hear about the global warning.  Karma's a bitch.
The Titanic

Dear Osama Bin Laden,
United States

Dear Man,
It's cute, but can you pick up peanuts with it?

And Later...
I have a serious issue that I want to comment on this weekend.  I'll try to have it posted by tomorrow, if not check back on Saturday.  It's an issue I have personal knowledge of and I think speaking of it will be a good thing.

Quotes of the Day
I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.  - Unknown

I have not failed.I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison


Anonymous said...

Your very welcome. Still waiting for the movie to come out. :)

Karen said...

Haha, not sure about that happening. Would just be happy to get an agent.

Leona Raisin said...

As a sometimes writer myself, Words With Friends seems a more appropriate time-waster than, say, television. Bottom line, my manuscript has fewer pages being added. Distracted by WWF and TV. I will always justify my TV time as long as I can tie it back to wordplay. Blame my love of Scrabble, WWF and TV trivia for spawning my blog and the word game that resides therein. Still, all these distractions keep me away from my writing.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by Leona Raisin. I agree with the distractions. Another one for me is Big Fish Games. Have to turn off the TV and stay out of the game sites and make myself write. I feel so much better when I devote at least some time each day to it. Good luck with your writing!

Tari said...

<3 the Thomas Edison quote :o)