Tuesday, March 27, 2012

True Friends

This Touched Me In So Many Ways:
A true friend doesn't care how much money you make.
 I saw a picture on Pinterest that reached into my heart and squeezed.  Tears formed and my Golden Retriever, Maggie, came over and laid her head on my lap...her sign that she knows I need some comfort.  She's so smart.  What I saw was a clip of pictures that showed what true friendship was. 
This picture on the right was the one that caught and held my attention.  I couldn't look away.  The fact that they don't have a home doesn't matter to this dog as long as he can be with the man he loves.  And it's pretty obvious the man feels the same way.  Total unconditional love. 

A true friend will be your eyes when you can't see.

This picture also left a big impression on me.  How do dogs know when their friends are in need?  What sixth sense do they possess that leads them to be there exactly when their friends need them?

If only we could all experience these things called unconditional love and true friendship. 

D.C. Dead by Stuart Woods
I finished reading this one in record time.  What can I say?  I love this author and have read all of his books.  He never ceases to thrill me with his characters, locations, wit, humor and suspense.  He and his cop friend seem to spend a lot of time in bed with various women throughout their investigations into whatever crime they're working on yet they still manage to catch the bad guys.  Very good read and highly recommended.
The President calls Stone Barrington and his partner Lt. Dino Bachetti to Washington to investigate a year old murder.  Someone close to the President supposedly murdered his wife and then committed suicide but the President isn't buying it.  That's where Stone and Dino come in.  It keeps moving at a pretty fast pace...I just wish they didn't have to jump into bed with whatever beautiful woman they come across.  Are women today really that gullible?
But it's good. 

Edited 3/29/12: I had to take out the 2nd part of the review because I made a stupid blunder, something I do occasionally when I have too much on my plate.  But I'll explain that in my next review.

Quotes of the Day:
Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. ~ Pras Michel

Unconditional love is the greatest gift of all ~ The Soul Bearers, by Sylvia Massara

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. ~ Elbert Hubbard

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