Sunday, January 1, 2012


Random Rememberings
(Is that even a word?)
Well, I have spent the last several days mailing or emailing out to 4 new agents.  Now all I can do is wait. 

Jordan and Sophia playing computer games
Actually the last several days did have some when my 2 granddaughters spent the night.  They like the tradition at Grandma's...popcorn from my hot air popper with lots of butter in the evening.  And breakfast has to be bacon, eggs and waffles.  They never vary.  We watched the Tom Hanks Christmas train movie...can't remember the name but I enjoy it too.  Then they wanted to play a hidden object game on grandma's computer.  Saved a Christmas one for them. 

Kendall keeping Grandma company
 Had another break Friday night when I got to watch my youngest granddaughter, Kendall, while Mommy and Daddy went out to eat.  She is such a joy!  She's not afraid of Maggie, though my dog comes to her shoulders.  She smiles all the time :) and even gives hugs and kisses!

The ball just fell so it's now officially 2012!  Sending out New Year wishes to all that I love. Firecrackers going off somewhere in the neighborhood. 

Why Do This?
Well, this blog is going to be for several different reasons.  One...I am going to keep track of my writing and...two.. every now and then I have things I just like to rant about.  So my rantings are going here.  And finally like the title of my blog says...its a place for thoughts and observations.  So I will begin the new year with this thought:

Quote of the Day  
"Its never too late to be what you might have been." That quote is from a man by the name of George Elliot and I believe it means that no matter what you want to be or what you want to do, its never too late to reach for the stars.

And like the renowned Red Skelton used to say, "Good night and God bless."

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