Monday, January 9, 2012

Progress and Peeves

Well, I've actually started making notes for my new novel.  Might as well get started on it while I wait to hear from the agents I've contacted. 

This one is about "Charlie".  He's a little ten year old boy that has lived in my mind for quite a few years.  Every once in a while he pops up and asks when it's his turn.  When will I write his story?  Well, Charlie, it's your turn now.  Your life with your mother, sad as it may be, and all the tragedy that goes with it, will become actual words on a page.  You are going to learn as you travel through the streets of your town, hiding from every thing that frightens you, that sometimes life just isn't fair.  But you will also learn, through the love of several people, that you can have, and are deserving of, unconditional love.  And I promise you, Charlie, to do my very best to tell your story with as much feeling and truth as I can.  But you have to promise me that you will show me everything you see and everything you feel as you go along this journey.  And that will bring us both to the "happily ever after" ending that every child deserves. 

Pet Peeve Of The Day
My kids and my sister think I have road rage.  Not the kind where I hurt anyone, just the kind where I think about hurting  Not really.  I just do a bit of vocalizing in my car when I come across a stupid driver.  Today's stupid driver is the one that putts 35 mph down the on-ramp to I-75.  They wait till they actually get onto the highway before they discover that the gas pedal actually will go up to 65 mph.  By this time, anyone who was unable to get into the passing lane to avoid rear-ending them has had to slam on their brakes to make room for the sloooow driver.  Now when I hit the on-ramp, I can speed up to a point of actually doing 65 when I enter the highway and I can actually do what the on-ramp is intended for me to do....and that is BLEND.  So to all you slow drivers out there who didn't know this before, let me tell you now...the on-ramp is so you can get up to speed with all the drivers on the highway and you can blend in with them! 

Quote Of The Day
I don't make typos.  I make new words. - Author Unknown

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